Can I add a “custom-market button” not listed in your app?

YES! You can create a “custom market-button” for any market. <watch video>.

  1. For example, you want to make a market-button for BEST BUY but it is not listed.
  2. Simply find a market-button you dont use (like ETSY) and change the icon to a BEST BUY transparent PNG icon + change button text to “Buy on Best Buy”. If you need help creating PNG for the icon, please <download images> OR email and we’ll help.
  3. Enter the CUSTOM URL under the ETSY tab of your “best buy detail page” url <screenshot> for each product you sell on Best Buy. The name of the market will still display ETSY (in the app), but your customers will only see the BEST BUY button and if clicked will take the customer to your detail page on Best Buy.

BNB APP > create custom market-button – Watch Video