Metrics: Tracking “Clicks”

What options are available for reporting?

  1. We do have METRICS tab that lists “clicks” per channel. We also have “clicks” per product on the DASHBOARD <screenshot>. You can reset both these settings to 0. Our app currently does not allow for reporting based on date range. We recommend using one of the websites below for more control and better reporting than what we currently have on our app.
  2. Other Options
    1. Pixelfy : this website can generate custom URL’s that you can use for each of your products. They have better graphs and date range reporting, plus more URL features, follow, no-follow, domains, and much more. Get 5% off subscription if you use our link.
    2. Geniuslink (recommended 💗) : another solution that works GREAT. This website will create a URL that is compatible with all Amazon Marketplaces (+ Walmart, eBay, etc) and it is super easy to setup. You will simply generate a URL and use that URL as your CUSTOM URL on our app. This website also supports geo-location if you sell in multiple Amazon markets like the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, etc. Get a free trial with our link.