Track Sales on Amazon

Our app tracks clicks but not sales. Amazon is a closed sales system. Sales originating from outside Amazon (like Shopify pages) can only be tracked if you set up an Amazon program to track URL’s.


  1. Setup Affiliate / Associate account <click here>
    1. Terms and conditions apply.
    2. PROS: one tag can be added to any amazon URL to track all your products
    3. CONS: Amazon can delete or suspend your associate/affiliate account if you break <Terms of Service>. Sales reports are delayed 1-2 days before they are attributed.
  2. Setup Brand Page 💗recommended
    1. Create your page <click here>
    2. once you have page, click here <screenshot>
    3. then you can create a tagged URL that will keep track of sales <screenshot>
    4. PROS: tagged URL links (amazon calls them tags) take customer to your home brand page or specific product brand page that you design with no competitors on the page
    5. CONS: you must create a tag/url for each category or product that you want to track OR use a URL to your main brand page. Sales reports are delayed 1-2 days before they are attributed.
  3. Setup Amazon Brand Referral Bonus (Attribution) 💗recommended
    1. Watch YouTube video on how to qualify and setup <watch video>
    2. Go to Amazon and <sign-up>
    3. Watch YouTube video on how to make referral ULS’s <watch video>
    4. There is not a publisher option for “Shopify”, so follow these steps for Shopify
      1. Create “new order” <screenshot> + add all products <screenshot> + name <screenshot>
      2. Create new line item <screenshot>
      3. Enter information <screenshot>
    5. PROS: 💗earn 10%💗 of your brand purchases on Amazon from sources like email, facebook, google + more.
    6. CONS: must be Brand Registered with Amazon.



  1. If you need help organizing your affiliate URL’s, consider using
  2. Setup Tag Manager to track Google Analytics, Adwords & Facebook Pixel watch this video

👉 NOTICE: we cannot provide support to setup or maintain these accounts, but Amazon has support pages. You can also find support pages and videos from Google or YouTube.