Does your button(s) work with Home Page: Collections or Featured Product pages?

The short answer is NO; however, it can be done with custom coding. If you absolutely need “buy buttons” on the home page, we recommend <these channels> for custom coders.

We have created a <video tutorial> that explores making changes to your “home page” in the shopify back office. Keep in mind, all themes are different and some are easier to change than others.

We highly recommend removing your homepage “buy buttons”, if possible. If this is not possible with your theme provider, the better option is to use the “Picture with Text” block instead of the “Feature Product” block. The “Picture with Text” block allows you to use the “learn more” or “details” button. This will force your customers to click “learn more” and take them to the product detail page where we have full control of all the buttons.

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